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PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:34 am 
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Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved support for Windows 10
  • The start menu searches modern PC settings for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Added new Midnight skin (Windows 7 style only) with dark background
  • Added new flat Metro skin that uses the Start screen colors for all Start Menu styles
  • Added support for Scottish, Catalan, Macedonian and Persian languages

All the features from Classic Shell 4.2.0 beta:

  • New ability to apply settings from XML files from command line: use ClassicStartMenu.exe -xml <settings file>
  • New setting to override the system DPI resolution only for the Start menu
  • New setting to change the user picture
  • Improved support for touch and high resolution displays
  • Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes

The new version can be downloaded from the home page

Next release is Classic Shell 4.2.2 beta
Previous release was Classic Shell 4.2.0 Beta

PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:16 am 
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If you aren't sure which Start Menu to go with, or whether or not you still need a Start Menu, here's a comparison of Classic Shell's Start Menu with the rest.

Here is the detailed change log for Classic Shell 4.2.1, in addition to the major new features stated above:

Classic Shell 4.2.1 New features:

● Improvements to the skinning engine for skin creators. Use of these skin features will require Classic Shell 4.2.1.

· Ability to use Metro/Modern UI colors and a brand new Metro skin that uses them! (See here for more information).
· The color of the search box and the scroll bar can also be customized now.
· You can mix up to 4 colors using the mask. The mask determines how the bitmap is mixed with other colors (Aero, Metro or system menu color).
· You can also combine colors e.g. text color or background color

● If you use Sysinternals Desktops, on Windows 8 and Windows 10, the Classic Start Menu launches automatically without the 1-minute delay when additional desktops are created
● The jumplist system is rewritten for more robustness. You can reorder the pinned items!
● New GUI setting and Group Policy setting to hide the Apps folder for the Classic menu styles
● New toolbar text and icons for Move to, Copy to, Undo, Redo, Select all, Deselect, Invert selection and Paste shortcut (icons only on Windows 8 and later). For Windows 7, download the icons from here.

Classic Shell 4.2.1 Bug fixes, design changes and minor new additions:

● If you run the -xml switch from a command prompt, it will print out any XML parsing errors
● Added a built-in "startup" command so a menu item can show the combined startup folders (per user and All Users) in a single menu
● Fixed a bug where the -togglenew command didn't work on some Windows 8.1 systems with touchscreens
● Skin creators: If you run the Classic Shell utility with the command line argument "ClassicShellUtility.exe metro colors". It will show you the colors for the different color sets. You can sort the results by name, by ID and filter the names. Press F2 to copy the color name.

Classic Shell 4.2.0 New features:

● New setting to sort recent/frequent programs list in the Start Menu alphabetically!
● New Group Policy setting "No initial showing of the toolbar" to prevent the showing of the toolbar when Explorer is opened for the first time

Classic Shell 4.2.0 Bug fixes, design changes and minor new additions:

● The Windows 7 style Start menu can function as a single column launcher, if you set "Don't display this item" for every item on 'Customize Start Menu' tab, hide the Shutdown button and hide the user picture.
● Hybrid shutdown will be turned off if you disable "Fast startup" in the Windows Power management settings.
● OneNote files should open correctly from search results
● Fix for a minor issue where custom search providers in Classic style were not working if the command used an environment variable
● The menu only resolves the location of the system folders (Games, Network connections, etc) once instead of every time the menu is opened
● Fixed a bug where if touch is enabled, the scroll buttons don’t work with the mouse
● The scroll buttons are twice as big if touch is enabled
● Fixed a bug where the menu was behind the taskbar on secondary monitors if the taskbar auto-hides
● Hover works when set to open the Windows Start Menu
● "Windows XP Classic" navigation pane style for Classic Explorer had to be removed for Windows 10 because of a bug in the new OS

Known regressions:
If you type a UNC path starting with \\, "See more results" is selected when it shouldn't

As always, automatic update notification for this version will be rolled out after a few days so any undiscovered bugs don't affect the majority of users.

Links to some general topics:

Compare Start Menus

Read the Search box usage guide.

I am a Windows enthusiast and helped a little with Classic Shell's testing and usability/UX feedback.

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