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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:39 pm 
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Woodworks port [7 style]

For CSM 4.3.1 or higher versions of Open-Shell.
Open-Shell will enable the skinned scrollbar in Win10.
The fake XP shutdown icons bottom bar option only works with exact 100%/96dpi,125%/120dpi,150%/144dpi display sizes.

This classic retro XP start menu was ported from the "Woodworks" WindowBlinds theme.
All credit goes to Teschio who made the richly colored wood-trimmed theme back in 2002:

It was too difficult to replicate the original small 16-pixel shutdown/logoff icons and their selectors
for the 100,125,150 percent display sizes.
What I did was replace the shutdown selectors with a simpler flat chiseled-out type,
along with duplicating slightly bigger 20-pixel shutdown icons from his "Mindwood" theme file.

Choose the "Default" option to match the original combination look of the other menu selectors.
I added selector options to use all the same selector types in the start menu,
as well as the raised selector borrowed from his dialog box area.
As the menu can use 144DPI/150% display size,
I didn't use the stock original wooden selectors.
I borrowed more texture from the taskbar image to make them instead.

I put the start menu button and taskbar in the zip.

There is also an older post with slightly different modified taskbars in the taskbar section: ... 089#p26920

Setup notes.
I set the Windows title bars to have the darkest brown, (#45 slider position on Windows 10 "Custom Color").
Under the "Main Menu" tab of CSM settings, set the "Programs pane width" to "44".
If you don't like the weird artifacts after the XP icons shutdown selector is clicked, go to the "Menu Look" tab and set "Fade speed" to 0.

Any skin option with " * " has deviated from the original theme, especially the odd-looking "Light wood" selector.
It was leftover when making the nonexistent split "Wood" selector.
The same goes for the new program selectors, as the original theme never had it.

The added brown and tan color search box options on the bottom wood bar are odd-looking as well. :lol:
I wanted to include some wood grain texture in the search box backgrounds, but it's not possible,
so only flat painted inside color available.
Why is the blinking cursor in the brown search box blue?
I think Windows or Ivo's program makes it the negative color of "Search_text_background" automatically.

The Tahoma font uses the smaller XP size,
so the larger font option is really only the normal default size used in later Windows operating systems.

Woodworks port .skin7 [1.56 MiB]
Downloaded 730 times
Start button, taskbar [165.83 KiB]
Downloaded 723 times
7 style display pic.png
7 style display pic.png [ 148.98 KiB | Viewed 12645 times ]

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:41 pm 
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Woodworks port [Classic 1,2 style]

Setup note.
If the menu is too tall, try setting large icon size from 32 to 24 pixels for 100% display size in the "Menu Look" settings.

I put in the option on classic 2 column style, where one can have small icons on the left column and large icons on the right column.
Just be aware it only worked on CSM v4.3.0 and half works on CSM v4.3.1 and Open-Shell versions.
Maybe sometime in the future, someone on Open-Shell can figure out what the issue is.
What happens is, once the option is enabled and working, it will stop working if Windows is started up again or,
if CSM is exited and restarted. It's like CSM does not hold the values or gets overwritten.

The only way to temporarily get the proper icons to show is:
Open up skin settings then disable 'Small icons', click start button, go back to skin settings and select 'Small icons' & 'Larger 2nd column icons',
then click the "OK" button.

Woodworks [1.38 MiB]
Downloaded 702 times
Classic style display 24pixel large icon.png
Classic style display 24pixel large icon.png [ 337.8 KiB | Viewed 12644 times ]
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