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PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:31 pm 
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Vista Plus port [7 style]

adni18 has kindly given permission to use a ported variation (menu only) version of his famous Vista Plus WindowBlinds theme.
All credit belongs to the original creator "adni18". All menu images are owned by "adni18".
I have only modified to fit the Classic Shell menu format.

Here is a link to the actual WindowBlinds Vista Plus theme:

Here is his web site and Wincustomize site to see other themes he has made:

Note about WindowBlinds and Start 10 behavior.
Classic Shell is not compatible with the WindowBlinds themes.
CS menu will show wrong text color and odd taskbar behavior when using WindowBlinds together,
and permanently mess with system Win 10 colors, which needs a reset of control panel/colors in registry after WB is uninstalled.
I had to use this site: ... -settings/

because not only the blue system highlight color refused to go back to default,
it also changed the search box menu WindowFrame color on any classic 1/2 style skins.

So if you like what you see here and want the full theme, you can always buy WindowBlinds software for around $10 to $15 (plus $7 for Start 10 if on Windows 10), and download adni18's full theme.
Just don't mix with Classic Shell.

About this opaque ported menu skin.
adni18 has made a great looking blue-grey start menu with blue selector buttons that have the Vista glow at the bottom.

There is one big area I could not duplicate from adni18's menu. His original jump list view is blue and the search list view is off white.
Classic Shell can't do that because the text color/selector button has to be the same type.
So I had to put in an option for both views off white, or both views blue color.

Also, on Win 10 the "Jumplist pane width" at CS default is set at 40, which seems too wide. Just set to 30 to 36 in the "Main Menu" settings tab.
I added options to use most of his selector button types from his theme.
This CS start menu is a big file because of the blue gradient texture on the qty 15 main menu bitmaps for 100%/125%/150% display sizes.
I was going to add dither to the main off white columns to get rid of the vertical steps,
but that would add at least another 1 meg to the skin file, and the steps are not that noticeable unless your display is viewed higher than your eyes. :shock:

The skin file, start button, taskbar image, and wallpaper are in the zip file.

Place the Vista Plus port.skin7 file in the skins folder (usually C:\Program Files\Classic Shell\Skins).
Go to "Start Menu Style" tab and set to "Windows 7 style" and pick Vista Plus port in the dropdown list in the "Skin" tab.

EDIT: I re-uploaded with a minor change.

The gap between the submenu icon and text was too small, especially at 150% display size. Now increased.

EDIT: This skin was ported when using Windows 1903
If using Windows 1909, Microsoft has altered their code
in that the skin list option "Centered shutdown button for English default settings on Win 10"
will not be centered anymore in Windows 1909. Use the "Centered for Win 8" option instead.

Vista Plus port skin, [3.64 MiB]
Downloaded 2094 times
Vista Plus port.png
Vista Plus port.png [ 112.25 KiB | Viewed 28680 times ]
Skin option settings.png
Skin option settings.png [ 67.06 KiB | Viewed 28680 times ]

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:38 pm 
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I made the classic 1/2 column styles of the same menu skin with the Version 2 big top bar for user picture and name.
It feels weird going back to the large size, but that's what XP menus looked like back in the day when it was originally made. :)

What I did was if "Small icons" option is picked, just a small user picture
and user name is shown on the smaller version 3 top bar, to match the smaller menu size.
The skin file size (now 5.47 meg), jumped up a lot because of using twice as many main menu bitmaps.

Other CS info in case you don't know:
If the menu width becomes too wide with long named menu entries when using small icons option,
the "Main menu width" setting can be reduced to say 22 instead of 60
It's under "Menu Look" tab.

If you don't like the "Programs" item on the left column of the 2 column menu,
the Programs item can be moved to the right column. Just go to "Customize Start Menu" tab,
and drag & drop the "Programs" item to a lower spot below the "Column Break" item.
The same goes for the "Apps" item if using Win10.

The start button, taskbar, and wallpaper are in the 7 style zip in the first post.

Slight problem. :o The site text says The file is too big, maximum allowed size is 5 MiB.

What I did was, I split the classic skin file into two-part Winrar compressed files. The only problem with that as far as I know is regular Windows can't unzip a rar file.
You would need to install free Winrar or 7-Zip to uncompress back to the skin file.

You need to download both part 1 .rar and part 2 .rar files.
Once both files are downloaded, double click part 1, and it will join the parts together and uncompress it.

File comment: WinRAR program required to uncompress /join part 1 and part 2 back into to classic skin file
Vista Plus port.part1.rar [3 MiB]
Downloaded 1783 times
File comment: Download this as well :)
Vista Plus port.part2.rar [2.24 MiB]
Downloaded 1795 times
Vista Plus port Classic 1,2 style .png
Vista Plus port Classic 1,2 style .png [ 269.53 KiB | Viewed 27464 times ]
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