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Opaque Win 7 Basic skin [Classic 1/2 styles]
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Author:  juniper7 [ Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Opaque Win 7 Basic skin [Classic 1/2 styles]

Opaque Win 7 Basic skin [Classic 1/2 styles]

Use with minimum CSM minimum 4.2.6 version or use most updated Open-Shell

Glass color lighter taskbar image works only for Windows 10 1809,1903

I was drawn to the attention by another user "delicacy",
that there was a very old opaque classic skin similar to the original "Basic Windows 7 theme".

I wonder what else is in those old versions of CSM? :)

I upgraded his modified skin to have split buttons, option to turn off glass color, and a few other things.
It's not the same skin anymore. Just another experiment.
I modified the edge of Ivo's main menu bitmap to have a brighter inside line instead of the darker inside line (for a sharper flatter edge).
Added options for the bluish tint color of the original Windows 7 start menu.
There was a weak glass color option, that I increased the color a smidgen more (from 97 to 127/255 red mask),
but still lighter than most saturated color skins which are at 255/255.
Added a full (non white) option. It now all looks like battle ship grey. :lol:

After using the skin for a number of days, I prefer "Blue slate with darker bottom" option (less intense gradient),
as well as the "Light glass color option"

Problems using other Windows versions:
If "Windows Basic" theme is turned on, the round corners of menu get dark edges.
Use a regular theme to get smooth again.

The color menu match taskbar will not work in Windows 7,8. Only works on Windows 10

Opaque Win 7 Basic.png
Opaque Win 7 Basic.png [ 279.03 KiB | Viewed 61234 times ]
Win 7 Basic Skin,taskbars and [360.45 KiB]
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