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PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:35 pm 
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XenoMorph [Classic 1/2 style] and [7 style] for minimum 4.3.0 version of Classic Shell.

This is a Stardock port from a very old XP WindowBlinds theme that they made for Alienware, uploaded by Webow. Ported over for WIN 10.

Major differences from the original menu are:
Unable to have blue glow animation rotating around Alien user picture frame.
Unable to have original XP logoff/shutdown buttons.
No user name dark shadow.
Had to fake brushed texture on submenu due to no submenu pattern mask option.

As a reminder, this is only the start menu, not the whole WindowBlinds theme.
There is a possibility the theme might work correctly on an updated WB Win 10 version. Did not try this time.
I noticed from before, some of Webow's uploaded WB themes appear to be corrupt on ones I tried,

(just show massive color noise on the images using WindowBlinds trial program?). ... 088#p30364

EDIT: Well that's interesting. If I download the free Alienware skins/install manager from this archive page: ... lien-guise

Then if I look at the skin files, the images have color noise in them as well,(Breed and Invader).

They are not corrupt, just Stardock must have some kind of encryption feature to stop the images from being used again.
I never tried Breed theme before on Win 7, very cool/different.

Back to this skin mod.
To be closer to the original theme, there is no system glass color option in this skin.
There is an option for a small amount of transparent blur.
In fact, the skin uses original menu bitmap alpha at 230 value opacity instead of the normal 180-190 values for most other skins.
The reason I left this way is to keep residual system color leak from showing, especially on Win 10.
The CSM opacity setting should be set to 0 to eliminate all glass color leakage and mimic the original menu transparency blur.

There is no black transparent classic 1 column menu, only grey brushed as the original.
Due to the complexity of so many bitmaps required, I did not make an option for nonfloating (corner docked) classic 2, 7 style menus.
I could make separate skins if somebody lets me know.
The problem with that is apparently this forum is not accepting new users and no idea when the site is coming down?
5 minutes from now or 9 months, or never? :)

I only made bitmaps for 100%/96dpi and 150%/144dpi display sizes
The menu will still work on 125%/120dpi. Picture frame will be small size, as well as the menu borders.

On 7 style, there is a large font option just for 125% size, in order to push the search box lower/shorter to fit better for search view, (fudge option).

EDIT: I started working on the corner docked version. Guessing will finish by next weekend April 6.

EDIT: I finished the corner docked version.

Added all black main menu variation and blue solid selectors option on the black menu.

I didn't quite get the hang of the option logic.
I wanted to have a complete radio group for selectors that can be deactivated (greyed out) with a controlling option above it.
Did not work. Spock would not be pleased. My and, or, not, logic is illogical, or at least the menu wording is.
Either check the box above or below to un-grey option.
I'm sure you will figure out how to use their override functions in no time. :)

The menu bitmaps were becoming a chore.
I took a shortcut to save time making twice as many menu bitmaps for alpha transparency option.
Long story short, main menu alpha opacity does not show a shadow when the picture frame is sticking out of the menu.

On my system, the bold font on black second column main menu variation looks so ugly unreadable.
I adjusted the system ClearType text and got nowhere. It really sucks as the text blurs/merges together.
Better to turn off the heavyweight font option in this case.

XenoMorph [2.1 MiB]
Downloaded 3299 times
XenoMorph [2.24 MiB]
Downloaded 3406 times
XenoMorph.png [ 545.94 KiB | Viewed 52769 times ]
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