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PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:43 pm 
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Changing text color in places MS does not want us to.

Sure wish Microsoft could put an option in their 7/8/10 systems to have text color options that can override more places.
like menus and taskbar.

I was reading posts that go back to 2007, where people ask Microsoft how to change text color on task bar,
as the Win 7 glass buttons are hard to read.
All they say is have to use third party fixes.

Tried one way for taskbar for win7 using a modified aero.msstyle: ... color.html

This shows how little I know about Hex editors, I couldn't even find the exact hex number.
Moving the window changes it all over the place.
I guessed the FF FF FF must be close by, and luckily it worked for the buttons,
and clock to make black text.

I then found a better way to do same thing with msstyler:

It showed me the hex editor changed "Taskband2" and "TrayNotify::clock" to black text color.
It's a good little program.

Then I try it for Win 10.
I could never figure out to get it to make the Win 10 taskbar change text color. :(
MS must have overwritten everything in updates, and have in different places higher up.

Microsoft, by now, must have unique ways of incorporating text color that can change with its surroundings.
An AI that detects and changes hue, brightness, automatically for best visibility. A step above clear text.
All they need to do is implement it?

Ok, I'm done complaining, and playing with msstyles. too much to learn.

I'm still using Microsoft. :)

If anybody wants the Windows 7 .msstyles files that I experimented with, I put them in a zip.
No idea if they work on a different Windows 7 machine.

WIN7 Black taskbar text Clock and [951.85 KiB]
Downloaded 592 times
WIN7 Black taskbar text Buttons [951.78 KiB]
Downloaded 579 times
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:16 am 

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Hi Juniper :)

I managed to change text items color ( taskbar icon text when never combine ) to pink one

I used to work with windows style builder ( beta 1.53 but need a licence to work with ) which help me create my own visual themes and modify msstyles

And it still works well under last build windows 10 x64 10586.218 here

for those interrested and working with WSB ( as Mr GRim of course ) here is the full path to change text color for taskbar items

if you want some particular color font on a mstyles I caan edit it for you let me know ^^
Best regards

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:31 am 
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Hello mykou.

Looks like Windows Style Builder is the best and ultimate program out there.
It is great you found how to do it. I've never used it.

Thing is, I don't think a lot of people want to buy the program for simple changes,
and it's good of you for offering to change for personal requests.
Hope the original poster will see this. Thank you.

It's really me complaining "Make things simpler".
There has to be an easier way for everyone.
I thought that was what a .theme file was for. That very small text file, to work off the .msstyle file.
A user can set up in Windows with pictures, system colors, sounds.

I found out from sites, example: ... indows-10/

It can be opened up in notepad, and one can change extra things like title bar text colors and stuff.
Or in example case, link up with the invisible Aerolite .msstyle, hiding in Win 8/10.

Never did figure out what text to put in there for the taskbar text color.
Would you happen to know the exact text to put in a .theme file for changing the non combined text color?

That would definitely be simpler for anybody to alter, compared to a .msstyle file. :P

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:58 am 
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Classic Shell 4.3.0 now lets you customize taskbar color and taskbar text color.

Links to some general topics:

Compare Start Menus

Read the Search box usage guide.

I am a Windows enthusiast and helped a little with Classic Shell's testing and usability/UX feedback.

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