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Here's what people say about Classic Shell

“So happy to find this program. Very well made with lots of options. Makes Windows 7 worth using. Saves me from daily frustration. Thank you so much!”

“A MUST HAVE for anyone who has become aggravated by Microsoft's relentless efforts to steer users away from the clarity of the file management concept that made the initial success of Windows, based on what information really is and how it is actually stored on a computer and how humans classify it in real life.”
Old Faithful

“This is one of the "can't-do-without" programmes for me, and I guess anyone who wants to actually *use* their computer, and not let their computer train them. Ever squinted trying to find the programme you wanted to launch, looking into the default "All Programs" list? Ever tried to go 'up' one level in Windows Explorer, and all you managed was to go 'back'? Ever missed the clarity of the Windows XP start menu? Or the cascading "Programs" list? Well, despair no more, for Classic Shell is the answer to your prayers! Rejoice, my brothers and sisters! :) ”

“ibeltchev - you have made Windows 7 behave the way I want - a way that is efficient - and conducive to productivity. Thank you so much for your amazing work - and for sharing it with the community. You have made my time on my laptop (many many many hours a day) much less stressful; much more enjoyable!”

“I could throw together volumes of technopraise poetry or song, but why waste so much time? Press the "Download Now!" - now. This app makes me feel better every time I use my computer. Isn't it time for you to feel better too?”
Scott Piazza

“so funny the project is !”
Xia Zheng Xin

“Just what I needed, to work as efficient with the keyboard as under any previous Windows version.
Finding this made my day!”

U. Nesshoever

“Fantastic, It will replace all start menus of our PC's and servers. Great job.”

“Brilliant! No more frustration, I can work just like I used to! Thank you!”
Anonymous Donor

“This program is a total necessity with Windows 7. I can't say enough good things. Thanks!”

“Ivo for President”
Jesse Snyder

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