Classic Shell: Privacy Policy

Classic Shell software

  • Start Menu: The start menu may collect information about the programs you are using to the extent necessary for the software to function. The information is used to maintain the most-recently used list in the start menu and to prioritize search results as they are displayed. None of this information is transmitted outside of your computer.
  • Auto-update: The auto-update feature periodically connects to the Classic Shell server to check for new versions. This is done without transmitting any personal information.
  • Log files: The Classic Shell software may collect log information for troubleshooting purposes. Release versions save logs files only when enabled by the user. Beta versions save log files all the time. The log files are never transmitted outside of your computer. If you report a problem with the software you may be asked to share those files to help resolve the issue.

Classic Shell forums

  • Email Address: Your email address will only be used for registration purposes and to notify you of new messages as configured. You can change your notification preferences from the User Control Panel. Your email address will not be sold or shared with other parties except when required by law.
  • Public Information: Any information you share in your public profile and any messages you post on the forums is public information. Classic Shell is not responsible for the use any third parties may make of this information.
  • Cookies: The forum software may keep cookies (small text files) on your computer. They are used for the purpose of storing your preferences and help with sign in. You can choose to block or delete the cookies using your browser's settings. However it may adversely affect your experience on this website.
  • Age restriction: The Classic Shell forums are not intended for individuals under the age of 13. Children under the age of 13 should not access this site or provide any personal information to this site without parental consent.

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