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Can win10 use classic shell and look like win 7 as xp ?
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Author:  DBenz [ Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Can win10 use classic shell and look like win 7 as xp ?

when I went over to win 7 64bit pro from XP the first thing I did was install Classic Shell, I have my PC as it looked in XP. No large coloured blocks, I have a desktop with an image and many shortcuts to programs as well as shortcuts to files and folders I often access.
This is how PCs should be, for those that work fast and know their PC like their bookshelf and filing system and back of their hand !

I was put out of action for 3 months initially until I discovered Classic Shell, it literally saved the day as the makers of win7 hadnt a clue about those of us who need to use a PC for serious business !

I never type anything into the start menu window and search for it, for a prog or often used file or folder I just d/click its desktop icon. Now whats wrong with that Msoft ! I can out gun and outrun anyone using those silly coloured blocks, I have maybe 100 progs immediate access not to mention files and folders,.
I can launch win explorer, click D drive browse to a photo and drag touch to Photoshop on taskbar it maximises and I drop it onto screen and start working on it.

I am worried of having to go to win10. I see talk of can Classic start emulate win 7 start menu but I dont want win7 start menu.

What I need to know is, if and when I go over to using win10 64bit pro or whatever Msoft have called it , can I install Classic Shell or whatever its been called and get it looking like I currently have win7 looking with Classic Shell emulating Win XP i.e a desktop with lots of little shortcut icons that are the programs icons, so Rhino3D is a rhino head, Photoshop is a Ps in a box, Breeze Browser is a camera , and so on, icons created by the prog makers. And onto that desktop my shortcut folders to flight sim stills captures, excel finance, forum posts and a load more.

Importantly I need Windows Explorer as I have it, which is as it was in XP, with all my drive letters in left pane, the contents of whatever I click on in right pane, and if I d'click a folder in right pane or left pane its contents appear in right pane,.
I can open Win explorer and bang its header against left screen side and it fills left half screen, launch another and bang it against right edge screen.
Then I can perform copy paste between two folders, left windows as source right window as destination. use Terracopy to do so and verify copy was ok.

This is whats called having total control and visual access to what is at the end of the day a storage system with progs that work on files.

I use a mouse, I do CAD, I do not do ultra fine precise pixel perfect work with a finger on what is a £1400 monitor which should not have its screen touched at all !

Without us the world would not have the tech it enjoys.

So apart from installing Classic 'something' I also read one should remove Cortana, and a couple of essential things have to be done as soon as win 10 is installed. what might they be ?

I have friend who hates win10 but has not heard of Classic shell . I hope his life can be transformed.


Author:  Jcee [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Can win10 use classic shell and look like win 7 as xp ?

Classic shells "Classic with 2 column" and "classic" themes perform very similarly on windows 10. so it shouldn't be to hard to migrate if necessary.
Most programs that worked on windows 7 should also work on windows 10 however not all do.

If you are worried; You can always install windows on a virtual machine and test things out is an excellent FREE virtual machine to test it on

PS classic shell is no longer being updated; you may consider installing Open shell Its essentially the same program, except carried on by a different set of developers. (classic shell will likely still install/work for now, but there is no guarantee's)

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