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Author:  dreamcatcher [ Wed Jul 30, 2014 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Customizing Question

A couple of questions............ I still use Win7, cause I really hate 8. I am assuming I can use the latest version of CS and CE in 7?

Also, I know there is a way to add user folders to Programs, but cannot remember how. In XP, I could just right click on Start Menu and it would open in Win Explorer and add all the folders I wanted to move my shortcuts to so they would not just display in a long string of shortcuts. I like to organize by making folders like "Music", "Business", "Internet Related", etc to make my shortcuts easier to find. Could someone please help? Thanks so much!

Author:  Gaurav [ Wed Jul 30, 2014 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Customizing Question

Yes Windows 7 is fully supported with Classic Shell 4.1.0. In fact some customizations like the file copy overwrite dialog replacement are only available on Windows 7.

To organize folders inside Programs, the method hasn't changed. You can right click the Start Button or right click All Programs and choose Open/Open All Users and create folders as you want and move shortcuts. Note that moving shortcuts means you will have to delete them on their own when the program is uninstalled because the uninstaller won't be able to find the renamed/moved shortcut.

There is another way of organizing programs if you are using the Classic styles of the menu. Right click the Start button and click Settings. Enable all settings and go to the Customize Start Menu tab. From the right column, drag a "Custom" item (located at the very end of the right column) to the left column and drop it OVER the Programs folder in the left column so it is added as a subfolder. You can double click this item and link it to any folder or any Library containing shortcuts. In the Edit Menu Item dialog of the Custom item, specify the folder in the LINK: field to create a cascading/flyout menu for that folder.

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