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Author:  BoHiCAAA [ Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Belgian Dutch version


is it possible to make a Belgian Dutch version? nl-BE instead of nl-NL.
Windows keeps on detecting Classic Shell as Dutch and will switch to qwerty keyboard layout.
If you could make a "Belgian" version I think this would be avoided.
The content is the same as the nl-NL.dll but it should be detected as a BE setting.

Tnx in advance!!!!


Author:  Ivo [ Fri Dec 25, 2015 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Belgian Dutch version

I don't understand. The Classic Shell settings should not affect your keyboard layout in any way.

Author:  BoHiCAAA [ Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Belgian Dutch version

Win 10 has the bad habbit of detecting the language of the active application and switch to that language. The belgian keyboard is Dutch but azerty instead of Nl where it is Dutch but qwerty.

At least that's what I think!

Author:  Ivo [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Belgian Dutch version

I don't think that's true. Since Windows 8, there is a single global language keyboard layout for all programs (in Windows 7 it used to be per program, or rather - per thread).
Either way, Windows should only select from the enabled layouts. See if you can delete the Dutch layout from the regional settings.

Author:  Gaurav [ Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Belgian Dutch version

There is a setting in Control Panel -> Language -> Advanced Settings. Make sure "Let me set a different input method for each app window" is unchecked. Anyway, this is not related to Classic Shell. The Language you set in Classic Shell is not related as Ivo said to your Windows Input Language.

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