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Author:  juniper7 [ Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Invader Port

Invader Port by Stardock and The Skins Factory that they made for Alienware many moons ago (15 years).

Classic 1/2 and 7 style and added floating option as well. Yes, big file size.
100/125/150 percent sizes
Use minimum CSM 4.3.0

Put the skin files in the skin folder of Classic Shell. You might need to exit and restart Classic Shell for skins to appear in the "Skin" tab list.

I've had this skin on the back burner for a long time.
The reason was that having a light colored taskbar on Windows 10 does not work too well.
I can't even see what is selected on the taskbar, and some of the system icons on taskbar remain hard to see white.
I don't know if Win 10 1903 update (with the light theme) has darker taskbar selectors or not, which could help somewhat with a light taskbar.
All we can do right now is just use a black taskbar instead.
Anyway, this skin is only to have a resemblance to the original theme.

Big 3d borders with dirty white menus.
Reminds me of those white cars with the thick black trim in wintertime,
and the owner has to wait for the temperature to go above freezing before they can wash their car.
The menu is a bit dated now when everything now is very flat looking.
There is a difference between the original XP and Vista versions.
Namely XP has bolder main separators and more colorful selector buttons.
I put some options to use XP and other explorer buttons or the softer Vista type.
Even the user picture is different. Put options for that too in 7 style.
As there is no design in Classic Shell skinning to have menu animations,
we will just have to do without the laser cutting light show on the blue bars each time the menu opens. :)

The 7 style menu with the "new programs" highlighted "All Programs" button may look a bit strange with its plaid design.
No, the Scotts aren't invading. First, I made that button as a solid color, then just a line frame.
It looked too similar to the regular "All Programs" button, so you're stuck with its checkered look. Other locations, the new programs button is flat.

Other oddities.
In 7 style, the "All Programs" black area had to be a little higher in order for search view padding to fit correctly (the same search box padding has to be used for both normal and search views).
On the all programs arrow icon, I had to make a black arrow box for selector because of the normal black arrow disappears on the black background.
Classic style 125% size has no CSM provision for correct search arrow size. No fix for the tiny size.

When using Classic styles.
If the separator is distracting when on top of the Alienware logo near column bottom,
the logo can be either disabled or, just the separator below run item can be deleted or,
moved above run item using "Customize Start Menu" tab in CSM settings.

I find that all these classic skins tend to look better when icon size is adjusted in "Menu Look" tab of CSM settings:

100% display size
Small icon size 16
Large icon size 24 (instead of 32)

The start button and orb are only made for Windows 10 with small taskbar. On other systems, the button will not match taskbar height correctly.
Will end up a few pixels too high on 125/150% sizes.
You will need to modify button images in a photo editor for an exact match, or adjust "Button size" in CSM settings for a rough match.

Here is a link to the Invader mouse cursor: ... er-remixed

Here are a couple of wallpaper sites: ... 840-x-2160

INVADER [4.05 MiB]
Downloaded 297 times
Invader.png [ 504.99 KiB | Viewed 5182 times ]

Author:  Splitwirez [ Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Invader is coming

Nice work, so far.

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