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 Post subject: ALXMorph Revived port
PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:04 pm 
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ALXMorph Revived [7 style and Classic 1/2] opaque for CSM 4.3.0 or 4.3.1

Variation 1 Match for Windows Display size 100% (96DPI), or 150% (144DPI) exactly
Variation 2 Match for Windows Display size 125% (120DPI) exactly
Elements will go out of alignment for other sizes.

This is another great start menu of yesteryear, originally by "The Skins Factory",
ported by WindowBlinds.
Weboh uploaded the original XP WB theme file some time ago.
That's where I used just the menu parts of the theme to be ported to Classic Shell. :)
I used the "DarkStar" menu skin file as a base to build from. Options are similar.

This metallic alloy menu has a nice shade, perhaps extracted from Alien craft material.
It's easy on the eyes. Not too bright, not too dark.
The original taskbar image (included) looks to be made of the 119th chemical element.
Made of the highest mass density, yet looks translucent. :)

I included a classic 1/2 style menu skin as well, converted from the 7 style skin.

As with all previous skins, there is nothing I can do to bring back some of the original effects
like username white shadow, real shutdown buttons, real original scrollbar, etc.

Classic 2 skin info when 2nd column icons not showing properly:
If using CSM version 4.3.1 and you want small icons on the first column, large icons on second,
you might have to uncheck "Small icons" box, open start menu, then reset back to small icons.
Then check "Large 2nd column vertical text padding" box. That should get rid of the white default file icons.
If it bothers you, send it as an issue for Github to look into fixing the code: ... art/issues

or for updating the skinning tutorial with more info.

If you use CSM version 4.3.0 on Win10, the taskbar may not draw fully. Will have to switch to version 4.3.1
As well no scrollbar skinning available on Win 10 since Windows CU update.

There is one thing I thought of adding, special 2nd column padding if the user selects to hide shutdown button.
I could not find a text word to use in skin file like I did with the [NOT SEARCHBOX] header.
Anyway, the likelihood of anyone using it would be remote, so I'll leave the 7 style skin the way it is. :)

All credit for this skin goes to "The Skins Factory".
All I did was copy, resize, rearrange, and paste their craftsmanship into a CSM skin.

Thank you

ALXMorph Revived skins n [1.86 MiB]
Downloaded 1182 times
7 style ALXMorph.png
7 style ALXMorph.png [ 100.61 KiB | Viewed 12805 times ]
Classic 1-2 ALXMorph.png
Classic 1-2 ALXMorph.png [ 116.19 KiB | Viewed 12805 times ]
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:05 am 
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Hey, thanks! Good to see you still working on these!

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